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Al-Fareeda Bazaar is now officially OPEN on the Internet! The layout is especially made for your viewing pleasure. =) The main navigation is just above ^^ this section and directions on how to order is on your left hand side <<. Do browse around, in the meantime our team improves this website.

The burqini and beaded bracelets collections is only the start. As Syawal is only a few months away, we'd want to promote our Hari Raya Cookies as well.

If you buy any item from us, we'll include a sample packet inside the shipping parcel for you to experience the delectable taste of our cookies. *drools*

So, watch out for more amazing products from us!

We do Cash-On-Delivery (COD) for areas around Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam! That means NO SHIPPING CHARGES apply for those areas.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Review!

Our Burqini Collection has been reviewed at Modestly Trendy! It's our first time. ;D

Thank you, Modestly Trendy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lovely Trios

Err... They're actually made for Jen's mom and to be brought to her workplace (at least, that's what Jen told me. :P) I particularly adored the teal and gray Butterfly Breeze. The colour combination is one of the best! ;)

Actually, I picked out the above colours myself. Haha.. (masuk lif, tekan butang) :P

Yours truly,

Gift Boxes!

At a small cost of RM1, you can now purchase a gift box that complements the potential bracelet you'd like to give your loved one.

Note that we could also direct the package straight to the gift receiver's home. ;)

* Colour is subject to availability.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beaded Bracelet Collection I

These beaded bracelets are made from Korean crystals. As noted in the previous post, you may choose the colour combination based on our colours chart! Also, we can shorten or add the length of your bracelet according to the size that you want, with NO EXTRA CHARGE!

How to Order?

Choose a beaded bracelet design. Take note of it's code.

Choose 2 colours from our colour charts (scroll down below). Oh, don't forget to note their codes, too. ;)

Fill in this form. If you'd like to shorten or add some length of your bracelet, then write it out in the 'Notes' section. It's that simple!

Butterfly Breeze
Code: BLT001

Standard size is 19 cm in length.
May be shorten or add its length by 1.8 cm in rate. For example, add/shorten 1.8 cm or 3.6 cm or 5.4 cm, etc...

RM 20


Sweet Serenity
Code: BLT002

Standard size is 18.7 cm in length.
May be shorten or add its length by 1 cm in rate. For example, add/shorten 1 cm or 2 cm or 3 cm, etc...

RM 18 - RM19
(depending on the size of beads)


Now, choose your colour combination from our colour charts!

Colour Charts

Choose your colour combination from these charts:
(for colour reference, visit: Wikipedia's Shades of Colour)

CL001: White (shinier than CL002)
CL002: White
CL003: Light Gray
CL004: Light Yellow
CL005: Tangerine Yellow
CL006: Orange
CL007: Dark Orange
CL008: Light Salmon Pink
CL009: Coral Pink
CL010: Red
CL011: Venetian Red
CL012: Maroon
CL013: Very Light Indigo
CL014: Pansy Purple
CL015: Dark Purple
CL016: Mulberry
CL017: Steel Blue
CL018: Light Indigo
CL019: Indigo
CL020: Light Sky Blue
CL021: Bright Green
CL022: Spring Green
CL023: Persian Green
CL024: Sky Blue
CL025: Kelly Green
CL026: Islamic Green
CL027: Olive
CL028: Black
CL029: Black (same colour as CL028)
CL030: Olive (same colour as CL027)
CL031: Bright Green (same colour as CL021)
Cl032: Cornflower Blue
CL033: Ruby Red (same colour as CL011)
CL034: Golden Rod
Cl035: Light Gray (same colour as CL003)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coming Soon: Beadworks

We'll start selling bracelets by tomorrow!

They are made of Korean crystals, and are SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES! So we decided to provide a mean for our customers to choose a design and customise the colours themselves online.

There are currently 3 designs and more than 30 beads available for you to choose, vary in colour and size.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ever been shoved off from a public swimming pool for not wearing proper swimsuits? Well, we have! We've been shooed away from the pool for wearing T-Shirts and track bottoms while swimming. We used to feel it is a discrimination towards the Islamic belief that we women should cover up all areas except the face and hands. But not anymore, of course, with the emergence of Burqini!

A Burqini is a muslimah swimwear that covers the wearer from head to toe. Now.. Where does the name came from? It's simple, it's a portmanteau of BURQa and bikINI (BURQINI).

Al-Fareeda burqinies are all imported and we can safely say that you will not be disappointed - because we ourselves wear it with ease, comfort, confidence and modesty. Best of all, they are by far the most affordable (low in price) burqinies you'd ever come across! Great news! While others may sell at a whopping RM200, our burqinies are priced at only RM100 - that is 50% less, people!

Our burqinies consist of 3 pieces: which are the head cap, tights and the main swimsuit (blouse) - which makes them VERY EASY to wear! If you don't feel comfortable not having your hijab on, you may also wear it over the head cap. The usefulness of the head cap is that it protects your hair from direct contact to chlorine, which has been known to damage hair, and acts as a sun screen for your hair (a tip for those who chose to not wear hijab) during swimming while exposed to the sun.

So, why wait?? Grab your burqini now, while stocks last!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Burqini Measurement Guide

If you are uncertain in choosing a size, email us your measurement (bust, waist and hips) and we will come up with the best size for you. Please note that we do not accept returns/exchanges once payment has already been made.

(All measurements are in inches)

The measurements above are for the main swimwear (blouse) only. The other 2 parts of the burqini, which are the head cap and tights, are free sizes (meaning it can fit all types of body).

How to measure your body:
  • Hold the tape firmly onto your body but do not do so too tightly. It has to be just right...
  • Bust: firstly wrap the chest area (under your arms) with a measuring tape and slowly move the tape downwards to your bust while loosening it until you reach the fullest part of the bust.
  • Waist: measure your waistline - which is where your pants normally rest.
  • Hips: firstly wrap your waist with a measuring tape and slowly move the tape downwards to your hips while loosening it until you reach the fullest part of the hips.
  • To get a more accurate measurement, let someone do the measurements for you. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Terms and Conditions

  • First come first serve basis.
  • All sales are final. Serious buyers only!
  • Items may be reserved for a maximum period of 3 days. If you have a problem completing the payment during this period, tell me your reason and I will consider.
  • Payment should to be made to Maybank, Bank Islam and CIMB bank only.
  • Price displayed DO NOT INCLUDE shipping costs.
  • Shipping Costs (depending on the order quantity):

    • Pos laju
      RM6.00++ (Peninsular Malaysia)
      RM8.00++ (Sabah & Sarawak)

    • Pos Express
      RM4 ++

  • Goods will be sent out the next day after payment is received (with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
  • Goods sold are NEW and in good condition. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damages incurred during shipping.
  • Goods sold are not exchangeable or returnable.

The Order Form

Note: If this form somehow doesn't work, please email us your particulars (as below) to (put "Al-Fareeda - ORDER" as the subject). Thank you!

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Payment Method: CIMB
Cash-On-Delivery (COD only for Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur)
Postal Address:
Delivery Method: (leave this blank if you've selected COD option as your Payment Method) Pos Laju
Pos Express
[Code] - [Size/ColourCode] - [Quantity]
(eg: BUR001 - XL - 1
BLT001 - CL006 & CL003 - 5)
Notes: (for customisation, etc..)

Free email forms


Once you've made your order, it means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions